Welcome to the Official Website of Erin McLendon! Here is your one-stop-shop for all things Erin! Her music, tour dates, the latest news, photos, and more!

Here’s a note from Erin:


Hey Y’all! Welcome to my brand spankin’ new website! Thanks so much to Brian Massengale who spent countless hours on creating this masterpiece! I want you to make yourself at home, leave comments on the videos, music, and heck even right at the bottom of this page! Be sure to click the circle icons at the top of each page, they’ll take you to my Twitter, Facebook, iTunes, ReverbNation, and CD Baby pages.

Be sure to tell your friends all about this new page – share it on Facebook, Tweet about it, Instagram it (can you Instagram it? Not sure, let’s try!)Whatever social media is your fancy, share, share, share!!

There is so much more coming your way, and I can’t wait to share it! Music Videos? Yep. Erin McLendon Merchandise? Yea! A new album?? YOU BETCHA! Who’s pumped?? I AM!

Until next time you fabulous people, you.